Saturday, August 25, 2012

A song for Saturday: I'll be loving you

I'll be loving you by King Khan and BBQ is seriously one of my favorite songs of all time.  I happened to see Mark Sultan and King Khan perform together a handful of years ago, and I was instantly in LOVE!  I was totally gaga over Mark Sultan's turban, King Khan's draggy wig, and the incredible 60s garagey tunage at that show.  Ah sigh..... melting heart......  

This song is SO uber essential for a summer drive with the windows down and your feet hanging out the window.  Enjoy the last stretch of summer friends!  And expect a LOT of Mark Sultan on a song for Saturday, because, well,  he is my dream boyfriend after all.

Have a fantastic Saturday!


  1. I agree, what a fabulous song!
    and how is it possible that summer is almost over. Didn't it just start? Can I still get away with wearing pastel? I just don't want summer to end.
    Lovely Life of Leah

  2. Summer flew by, but that's okay because I do love fall. I think summer still has a few more days to go though. It's not saying goodbye just yet. Hey - question. How did you get your bloglovin' button on your page?


    1. Good morning Margeaux! Go to bloglovin and click on the account icon in the top right. A Drop down box should pop up, then click on widgets. From there, it's pretty easy to follow. Just copy and past the code into blogger you choose into the blogger layout.

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