Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adventures in poptails: White sangria

Well hello!  This is my story of my first ever poptail attempt, a white grape and nectarine sangria poptail.

First, let me show you how classy I am with some photos of some white wine, and some fruit.

There's also a bit of grand marnier.  UBERCLASS up in heeea!

OK, now that I've let my classiness nerdiness shine, let's begin:
I've decided that poptails are a MUST have for my wedding next August, and have started a mission to try out different ones until I find the BEST one.  I've been getting a ton of poptail inspiration from different websites, (see obsession post here) and found this super delish looking recipe on

I knew I had to make this when a friend of mine was having a housewarming/birthday bbq that weekend.  They seemed like a dream come true!  So, I gathered my classy ingredients, took some classy pictures, and followed the recipe exactly.

They seem so beautiful and perfect.  Slushy classy goodness just waiting to be a frozen delight.

I waited overnight for the freezer to do it's thang
more waiting......
More waiting........
More Waiting......

These lovelies never froze.  :(

I ended up at the party with a tray of sangria slushies.  Amazingly delicious sangria slushies, but still........ slushies.
Turns out, the fabulous birthday gal had tried to make some whiskey sour cherry poptails and THOSE didn't freeze either!

Tricky little buggers!

In the end...... not the perfect poptail for next August, but I'll get you poptails!  I'll get you!


  1. Sorry they ended up not freezing, that is such a great idea though! I think I will have to try my had at these!

  2. wow! yumm! looks so good! so sad they didn't freeze..(( but they probably are still tasty!

    1. They were pretty incredible actually. If you can't have a poptail, why not a sangria slurpee right?

  3. I'm sorry your poptails didn't work out. Freezing alcohol really is tricky and I wish you luck. The slushies sound pretty amazing to me.

  4. A Beautiful Mess posted a couple adult inspired popsicle recipes this summer! I haven't tried them out yet but I'm planning on it!

  5. Hahaha........I started reading this wondering, "is it easy to freeze wine? is that a thing?" so the conclusion of the post made me giggle. Sorry that it didn't work out, better luck next time!

    Sara, Road to the Heart

  6. Hehe. Slushies sound good too! I kind of want to try this now.

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