Monday, August 27, 2012

August tradition: blackberry picking

Late summer in Seattle is one of my favorite times of the year.  The weather is pretty much 75degrees every single day, the sun shines until 8PM, and berries grow wild on almost every corner.  Each year, Jared and I head down to Discovery Park in Magnolia, where the blackberries take over to create a maze of nooks and crannies just waiting with bunches of fruit.  The pricks are a bit gnarly, and if you're girly and a little cray-cray like me, you wear a dress and sandals anyways, but man oh man are the berries worth it.

This last one is my favorite pic.  Miss Tootsie Roll in yellow booties munching away at the berries straight off the bush.

I've already got some blackberry brandy steeping in the closet (2 months of patience.  EEK!) and can smell the blackberry crumble in the oven.  This time of year is gone in the blink of an eye, but I so adore the few weeks that it's here.

What are your August traditions?


  1. My August tradition includes soaking up the last (and sometimes also the first... weather is unpredictable over here) of Swedish summer, forest excursions to secret places where there are tons of mushrooms and blueberries, and mentally preparing for the fall.

    I love blackberries, wish I could find them around here as well.

  2. My tradition is going on hikes. It's right before the busy season at my job and within the next month I'll go from working 40 hours a week to working 60 or 70. Time to get those earthy adventures out of my system!


  3. Looks like so much fun! So lucky to be able to do that!



  4. Found your blog via Shakti-Dove. Loved looking and especially DROOLING over those berries! I went wild raspberry picking a couple of weeks ago and YUM! August traditions here are going to the county fair, berry picking and laying in the backyard in my running short and cap tee and attempting to get a slight summer tan. Haha.

    1. Hey Karen! Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I SO wish my August tradition could include getting a tan, but alas, my skin is a fine shade of bluish white, and I only get a bit of red in between the freckles. :)

  5. This looks like such a fun outing!


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