Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Watermelon mint infused vodka

Tis the season for watermelon my friends!  One of my fave foods.  Also, I've been a wee obsessed with mint this summer.  so, why not combine the two with some booze???!!!

DIY Watermelon mint infused vodka:

First, take some pretty pretty pics of your pretty pretty ingredients:

Cut watermelon into pieces small enough to fit through a bottle top:

Take more pretty pics, essential to the process!

Feed your pup some watermelon:

Find a jar at least twice as large as the amount of booze you have (or drink some if you don't have a bottle that big!)  Fill the bottle with the vodka, and add watermelon pieces and about 3 full sprigs of mint.  Make sure that the watermelon is fully submerged, and that you have about an inch of alcohol at the top.

Put this boozy delight in a cool, dark place.  Shake about twice a day for about 3 weeks.  After each day, you should be able to add more watermelon to your bottle without going over the alcohol level.  This will make your booze EXTRA watermelony.  mmmmmm.......

After 3 weeks of shaking, and waiting, and shaking, and waiting, and shaking, and waiting, test the vodka.  If it tastes good enough to drink, drain that BI**H!  Pour over a fine mesh sieve into a pitcher, until you've got a bottle of boozy watermelon stuck in there.

Shimmy the watermelon out in a bowl, and mash with a potato masher.  Get ALL that good vodka out of those pieces!

Pour all that extra vodka into the pitcher with the rest, using the strainer, and discard the watermelon.  Pour the watermelon mint vodka into a container of your choice, and drink away!  Make a watermelon mint vodka martini, or a watermelon mint mojito!   I reserved a bit in a mason jar for a little bday gift.  


I hope you try this and enjoy!


  1. Love this! It sounds sooo good. Now I just need 3 weeks' worth of patience.

  2. oh geez I know.... the hardest part! There were definitely "test" sips happening every couple of days. ha!

  3. I don't have a puppy, can I make this anyway? ;-)

    I love to flavor my own booze, but I haven't tried this one. I LOVE watermelon though, so I'm pretty sure I would be able to drink this...

    1. Hi Linn! It's totally worth making if you love watermelon. I am drinking some now.. mmmm.....

    2. and I GUESS you can skip the puppy step. Just this once. :)

  4. Yum!! This looks amazing - will have to try! Found you via the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!
    Nikki at Bedazzles After Dark

  5. YUM! As soon as watermelon is in season here in Australia I am giving this ago.
    Great Recipe and blog so glad I have found it!

    Becky, K.

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