Friday, August 31, 2012

If you really knew me........

OK friends!  I'm jumpin on this bandwagon.  I've been seeing this trendy post floating around, and it's really let me learn a lot about some of my favorite bloggers.  I don't share very much personal info, so I figured this was a perfect chance for all of you to get to know me a bit better.

1.  I have 8 siblings.  YEP- 8!  My parents were teens when I was born, and alas, I was the only spawn of those two.  Since, I have grown 4 stepbrothers (2 of which are twins), 2 half brothers, 1 stepsister, and 1 half sister.  Whoa.

2.  I used to be a dirty hippie.  You know those dready bare-footed free spirits with the patchwork clothes that smell like patchouli covered up weedsmoke?  That was me.  In high school and college.  Actually, that was me until I was about 23.  Like another life, I tell you!

3.  I adore reality TV.  The trashier, the better.  I actually don't allow myself to have cable for this specific reason.  I have no excuse..... and I try not to watch them because if I watch one episode...... BAM- I'm hooked.  Here's my rule: If I'm too embarassed to tell my fiance about it, it's too trashy to watch.

4.  I have an addiction to ironing.  Like, a serious addiction.  I used to watch my mom iron everything when I was kid, and think she was totally crazy.  Now, I can't even hang anything up in my closet until it's been ironed.  MAKE IT STOP!

5.  I think farting is just about the most hilarious thing in the word.  I'm actually smiling and chuckling to myself just writing this!  If you ever want to make me laugh, really hard, just let one.  Why are they SO freakin hilarious???!!!

6.  I physically can't burp.  Weird huh?  But seriously....... it's like my body can't do it.  Every time my body sort of tries, it stops in my throat and I just sound like a weird frog.  I actually burped one time, and one time only.  And get this, it was in the  middle of the Nutcracker balet........ and it was uberloud.  HAHAHAHA!  I turned to my friend sitting next to me and we were both SO excited because I had burped...... but then embarassed because I had done it during a quiet balet!  Oh man..... good times.  But really, how weird is that? 

Anyways........ now you know a little more about yours truly.

What are your juicy little details about yourself?

Have a great holiday weekend!



  1. My husband wishes I was addicted to ironing, LOL. Cute post! It was fun getting to know you better. :)

  2. I'm laughing while reading this (especially that farting burping part). I'm sort of addicted to not ironing. I can't think of anything more boring, actually. When it comes to ironing and making the bed I become a perfectionist and every little wrinkle drives me crazy.

    1. ha! I'm sort of a perfectionist about it too.... which does NOT help!

  3. Hi lovely, I only just stumbled across your blog but I loved reading this :) I am one of 8 siblings - I never thought I'd find anyone who had more siblings than me though!! x

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