Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer obsession: POPTAILS!

What could be better than an ice cold cocktail in the form of a popsicle?  NOTHING MY FRIENDS!  Nothing.

I think about these fantastic pops ALL day...... at work, in my car (especially in my hot car!), walking the dog, winding down after work, before bed........ yeah, all day.

Here are the ones I'm dying to try:

Cherry Apple Whiskey Sour.  Found here on (one of the BEST blogs eva)

Watermelon margarita pops.  Found here

Frozen sweet manhattan.  YES please!  Found here

Blackberry prosecco pops.  Oh.My.God.  another great from  Find it here

Mai Tai tiki pops.  Found here

I LOVE the idea of grilling fruit for a poptail.  mmmmmm........ found here

White sangria pops.  I'm actually making these for a bday party next weekend.  I smell a blogpost!  Find this one (where else but?) here.

I really really wanted to find a sidecar poptail recipe!  My absolute fave boozy delight, with cognac, the good stuff.  If you find any let me know!  Definitely on my summer must list to get one of those babies made (and quickly devoured).

Have a fantastic summer weekend.


  1. Yummy collection!!

  2. These look so amazing!

    xoxo Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm dying to make these this week. :)

  3. Looks so good! I totally pinned these :)

  4. Oh dear how WONDERFUL!! Such a great post :)

    1. These look delicious. Alcohol and popsicles in one.. the perfect summer treat!

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