Saturday, September 22, 2012

A song for Saturday: Keep my skillet good and greasy

These chicks are pretty much the coolest.  I love the ho-down country feel meets super bad-assness.  Also, SO appropriate for a Saturday during my week making house in a small town with nothing to do but cook! 

Anyways...... all I got for now.  I'm going to enjoy my last 2 days of vacay before going back to the city and my real life (where I still keep my skillet good and greasy.) :) 


  1. A new word for my English vocabulary - skillet. Also, a new tune that I've never heard before. Thanks for both of them :-)

    1. oh my goodness! I use my skillet almost every day. :) You'll have to see if you can find one.
      Thanks Linn!

  2. Love the tune! Thanks for sharing! :)


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