Saturday, September 8, 2012

A song for Saturday: Swing lo Magellan

Oh my gosh I love Saturday.  Definitely my fave day of the week.

I am headed down to Olympia today to spend the short short weekend with some friends.  Jared's still out of town until Tuesday so I'm getting pretty lonely in our small apartment.  But then when he gets back we are headed to a waterfront house for a week!  YAY!

OK, on to the music.  The Dirty Projectors are so so super amazing to me.  They are one of those bands that people either totally adore or totally despise, and I totally ADORE them!  David Longstreth's sweet and melodic voice is something of a Bob Dylan meets Lou Reed dream come true.  And the lady harmonizing...... SO so good.  Like seriously good (although, I don't think there's any harmonizing in this song.)

I couldn't find an official video, but this song off of their new album is so very awesome.



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