Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Let's chat {bout f***ing swearing}

Warning;  lots of unladylike stuff coming up

s**t, f**ck, a**hole, b**ch!

So, I was out and about with my friend the other day, (check out her sweet-a** blog here) and the subject of swearing on our blogs came up.  We both swear like f**king sailors, but for some reason I find that I sensor all of my swearing on my blog.  "What the h**l" I thought to myself when I came to this realization. 

So this is me, a bourbon drinkin chick with a potty mouth, who can't seem to blurt it out on the internet.  Why I ask you?  Is this something that other people have issues with?  I definitely don't have any moral issues with it.  This is my blog, right?  If I swear in real life I should have the balls to swear on the blog, right?  On the other hand, I don't actually type out swear words in anything that I write.  Not in emails, not on Facebook, even in letters I will actually use the word effin instead of fucking.  How had I not noticed this about myself?  I don't have any children reading this blog, so that's definitely not it.  Will anyone like me less if I type out an entire swear word instead of using a cutesy cover up word?  Probably not. 

What do you think friends?  Do you swear on your blog?  My friend Julie seemed totally shocked to find that I sensor myself (obviously I was shocked too). 

Anyways...... sensoring is not something that I ever intended, and, although I am not a tough chick or even a badass, I swear A LOT! 

Ahhhhh, got that out of my system.  That is all. 


  1. I censor myself too! I swear when I'm with close friends etc, but I don't if I am first meeting someone-- and a blog audience isn't made up of close interpersonal relationships. Don't get me wrong, you can make good friends through a blog, but the vast majority of the people who read it are just casual readers. I suppose I look at it as being polite-- after all, you probably wouldn't swear if you were going to a "friend of a friend's" house for dinner or being introduced to someone new!

    1. Good morning Tabetha! I didn't think about it this way, and since my instinct when writing is to censor, I will probably continue to do so. I actually think that I swear more when I'm excited and happy. Like, "that's freakin awesome!" except, you know, that other word. :) Maybe that's why I don't feel the need to make it harsh and vulgar. I suppose I will just see what comes out in my writing, and not worry about it too much.
      Anyways.... thanks for your thoughts. I love insightful comments. :)

  2. I think swearing is something where in real life, people know you so they know your personality and how you meant the curse word, but on a blog, personality is a lot harder to express, and swearing in type might come out a lot different than you mean it to (or anything you say, really!).

    Hehe, I don't know, though. I don't swear in real life, so I've never come across this sort of censoring! I do censor myself on other things, though, like sarcastic jokes that I type out and then realize they don't come across as a joke but rather something serious and rude-sounding. Y'know. I think censoring is totally up to you, but I think as with anything internet-related, it's always good to have a little discretion because it's really easy to be mistaken when people are only reading what you write and don't know you in person.

    1. Hey there! Totally with you on the whole "people might take it the wrong way thing." I have a tendency to just blurt stuff out, especially when writing, so this could easily happen.
      thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi! I just found you blog (bitchin), yes first blog cuss word (oops)! I also cuss like a sailor,but not in a public setting i suppose. I guess its because i am from the south, kind of thing? Love your blog, and i am going to follow! Pass to mine if you like, maybe we can follow each other!!
    XO Tami

    1. Hey Tami. LOVE the word bitchin! Thanks so much for the bloglove. I'm checkin out your blog right now. :)


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