Monday, September 17, 2012

Stupendous Monday: 9/17/12

I'm on Vacay!

I am soaking in the last few rays of warm sun we will get this year down on the water in a small town on Puget Sound.  Today, I plan to do more poptail experiments and walk along the beach with Toots and Jerd, then soak in the hot tub with some mimosas.

Aaaaaah...... this is the life.

Here are instapics from the last 2 weeks:

Elephant bottle opener, meet yellow plum

Raspberry mint ice balls.  See how I made them here.

Eastside Tavern in Olympia, WA.  A trip through the past.

More blasts from the past.  Pics of walking through my old college town.

Robot needle

Transition shoes

Late summer produce.

Lightbox love

Sunrays.  And Tootie showing some leg over on the right. :)

A 5 year old succulent grew some sweet flowers!  Who knew?


Road trips and some white saltwaters that are in DIRE need of a scrubbing.  After beach vacay saltwaters, after beach vacay.

Outta the city.

Jerd making funny faces

 First view of my vacation
Aaaaaaaand a second view of my vacation.

Somehow I got lucky enough to have temperatures in the mid 70s ALL week long!  I must have done something right this past year eh?

Anyways...... I hope you are enjoying your last bits of summer, or your very beginnings of fall!

It's bathing suit time for me. :)



  1. We've got gray skies and rain right now, so I'm totally jealous! Enjoy your escape!

  2. Nice pics! :) Toot is the cutest! :D
    Big hugs from Sweden!

  3. Toot is so cute! Is he eyeing the plant for some reason??

    Have fun on vacation. I'm jealous... I'll be at work all week while you are soaking up the sun.

    P.S. The elephant bottle opener is so fun!

    1. ha! Toots is actually a chick. :)
      And she does this head tilt thing every time I talk to her, which pretty much gets a smile on my face each and every time. She better not be eyeing that plant!
      Thanks so much,

  4. great snapshots! what a perfect time to be on vacation!

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