Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stupendous Sunday: 9/2/12

Can you believe it's freakin September????!!!

Cause I can't.  Seriously?  Where did the summer go?  Although the weather is still gorgeous here, the temperature is definitely dwindling.  I strutted out of the house this morning in a sundress and sunnies, met a friend for some outdoor brunch, only to find that every single leg hair I shaved off in the morning had grown back.  It was that cold!!!!  Ladies...... you know what I'm talking about.... :)
I proceeded to spend the rest of the day buying fall sweaters.  ha!

Anyways..... here are some pics to document the last 2 weeks.  They've been pretty lonely, since Jared is out of town, and will be until tomorrow night.  Then he leaves again on Thursday for another week.  ah sigh........ I so adore my alone time, but, man do I miss him.

Tootie and I profilin!

Squinty Tootie

Ah, the needle

Onion bullies

This mysterious office plant is most definitely a squash.  a HUGE squash!

Back to brown.  Blackish brown

Not just any reds......

Berry time


Saw these on a walk.... what are these crazy things???

Little gifty from the fiance.

mmmmmm....... sake

mmmmmmm........ edamame

My cutie pie nephew, Cameron

Breakfast.... didn't stand a chance.  DEVOURED!

colorful candies at the market


Here's to AT LEAST another two weeks of summer huh?  I am getting a bit excited about fall, but I'm not quite ready for the cold yet. 

Have a great Labor Day friends!


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  1. I'm actually super excited about fall! (And it has nothing to do with my birthday coming up in October ;)!)

    P.S. I've never seen a plant like that one you spotted on your walk... so weird. I wonder if it blooms...


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