Friday, September 14, 2012

This girl's goals: Fall 2012

Oh Fall...... the best of the best....... the prettiest of the pretty....... I love you.  Why is it that instead of January 1st being the time when I feel like fresh starts, it's the beginning of fall?  Maybe all those years of school that started in September?  Maybe the last bit of summer ending?  Whatever the reason, fall is my time for change and new goals.

I was inspired to create seasonal goals for myself when I saw this post on abeautifulmess.  I had been juggling around SO many goals for myself, that this list of 4 very rule oriented goals really helped me to get excited about some things that I could actually accomplish.

So, here are my goals for fall 2012:

1. Eat all of the produce from my CSA bin.
I receive a bin every single week full of beautiful, local produce.  However, there are always a couple of casualties that don't get a shining moment in their short lives.  Usually some type of green goes to waste, and there's always some kind of root vegetable that doesn't get used.  This is crazy!  I love love love cooking, and experimenting with food!  I vow to use all of my produce, and if I am sick of greens and root vegetables, I will come up with creative uses for them.  Reward: Jared and I get to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner.

2. I will take Tootsie Roll on a walk every day.
The sweet littlin is forced to be inside the majority of the day, since Jared and I both work during the week.  When the rain and the early dark comes, there are many nights when she doesn't get any more than just a trek to the grass for a potty break.  We did get a breed of dog that doesn't require exercise, but still, she wants to live a little right?  I live in Seattle, so DUH, I've got myself a raincoat and rainboots.  I vow to walk her for at least a half hour every day.  Reward: I can buy myself a new coat and pair of shoes.

3. Practice patience when buying my house.
Jared and I are buying a house next month.  Well, we are applying for a loan this month and hope to start looking at houses at the end of it.  We have a list of 3 major major must haves with the house.  1. a nice, open, bright kitchen.  2. a large backyard for Tootie and possibly our wedding reception and some gardening. 3. A basement, garage, or some kind of workspace for Jared's  music and my crafty crafts.  I have a tendency to jump the gun and not be patient when it comes to exciting stuff, and this is SO exciting!  I vow to not settle for a house that doesn't have all 3 of our musts, and to be patient and clear headed when deciding on our house, even if the perfect house doesn't pop up before Thanksgiving.  Reward: A sweet house of course!  But also, I'll cook my favorite dessert in our awesome new kitchen, cheesecake.

4. Use my elliptical machine 4 times a week for an hour.
I am getting married next August!  Hooray!  I actually bought an elliptical when I got engaged, and started using it right off the bat, but, alas, summer got a hold of me and I haven't been on it in at least a month.  I actually love using it!  It's the perfect time for me to catch up on TV that I haven't seen, or listen to music that I've been wanting to hear.  I vow to fight through my tiredness at the end of the work day, and start giving that machine some purpose.  At least it's  not a coat hanger yet. :)  Reward: new pair of skinny jeans!

Well, that's all folks!  I'm excited to come back to this post  periodically and see if I've made any progress.  What are your fall goals?



  1. Thumbs up - great goals! My most important goal right now must be to... keep calm and balanced. No stress is allowed here.

    My best way to make use of greens and root veggies are
    A) Soup
    B) Juice (buy a juice-extractor, they're the best. You can mix anything with apples and it will taste good - maybe it can be useful for your poptail adventures?)
    C) Tabbouleh (I believe you can make tabbouleh of anything, as long as there's parsley in it.

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