Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bloody good hot chocolate


I've got a bloody good DIY for you today.  Some blood red homemade chocolate.  This stuff ROCKS!  I'd never made homemade hot choco before, and oh man, it is SO much better than that powdered stuff, mmm-hmmm.

It's pretty easy actually:

To make 4 small cups of bloody hot choco:

Heat 4 cups whole milk and 3 tsp sugar in a saucepan on medium heat, stirring constantly.  While that goes, melt 8oz milk choco chips in the microwave.  Still stirring your milk every 10 seconds or so, mix 1oz red food coloring in your chocolate.  When your milk is almost boiling, pour over melted red chocolate, and stir until choco melts.  Pour into two cups, but be SUPER careful with this stuff guys, boy does it stain.

That's it!

Got any rad Halloween plans???  Jared and I are going to look at a house, carve some butternut squashes into ghost faces, and then watch Stephen King's "It."  Remember that creepy movie???  Haven't seen it since I was a kid.




  1. Wow, it really does look like you're drinking blood... Scary.

    I'm meeting a friend who's in town, she's trying out her wedding dress and I'm asked to give my advice. Maybe I should bring some of that red chocolate? It could be like another Stephen King movie... Remember Carrie?


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  2. That looks incredible! Halloween went by with few trick or treaters and a non event in our house, I was out for the evening!

  3. Usually mock foods don't bother me, but that bloody hot chocolate looks too creepy... I dressed up as Frida Kahlo for work and we had a Halloweeny pot luck! Then I made Halloween shaped mac and cheese with mummy hot dogs for dinner. Happy Halloween!!

  4. haha this is funny! I will have to do it next year for sure!


  5. I love this! So creepy! I might do this for Valentine's Day for my annual mock-protest... =]

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