Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy thoughts: 10/25/12

happy happy joy joy...... lalala


My best dear friend Maghag moved away to Albuquerque a few months ago (NOT happy, i know, bear with me here), and I got my first package of goodies of New Mexico stuff!!!!  Although I have missed my fave cool cat, I can't tell you how much it melted my heart to get this in the mail (you can all barf on me now).  It's been tough without her friends!

Want to see what's inside????

This is Maghag's school pic this year (she's a teacher!)  Foxy huh?


The best thing by FAR in this box, was some foil wrapped red chile brittle, which I devoured immediately and did not get a pic of. Oopsies.  It is SO SO awesome that she is sharing a bit of her life and experience with me still here in Seattle.  I called her immediately for a big thank you and some much needed girl talk.  

This box definitely makes me happy. :)



  1. That's so sweet of her. My friend moved this weekend from here in the UK to Australia and I'm struggling a bit with it at the moment. Maybe i'll make him send me a package to cheer me up :) xx Lizz

  2. What a sweet friend you have. I miss getting care packages and stuff from my friends. We used to send things back and forth from out of state all the time. Those cookies look divine...

  3. What an awesome package! Seriously that's the coolest!

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