Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's chat {about food trucks, yay!}

You guys, I love food trucks.  Love them.  Seriously, I love them.

Jared and I just put down our deposit for Skillet Street Food to cater our wedding next Summer!  Hooray!  Here in Seattle, food trucks are popping up before our very eyes EVERYWHERE!  More hoorays!

There's just something awesome about walking up to a food truck and getting some of the tastiest food you'll ever eat.  Don't you think so?  The "truck", which is usually more like a bus, or in Skillet's case, an old Airstream, is so festive and decorated.  It makes me feel kind of like I'm in a vintage fair.  I remember when I first moved back to Seattle after college, and all of these hot dog carts had miraculously appeared outside of a ton of the bars in Seattle, feeding hotdogs to drunken stumblers out of a teeny food cart.  GENIUS!  Get this too, here in Seattle, we put cream cheese on our streetmeat.  It's SOOOOO wonderful.  Did I mention that I love food trucks?

So...... here some of my faves:

Skillet Street Food:

They've got this Airstream that is SO perfect and vintage-y for our wedding!  I just about died when I found out they catered weddings..... my first super excited wedding planning moment.  Also, they make this "bacon jam" that is to die for.  You gotta check it out.

Hallava Falafel:

This place will blow your freakin mind.  I actually can't stand beets, but they mix pickled veggies in with their falafel pitas and it makes unlike any falafel pita you will EVER eat.  Also, they double dip their fries.  I'll say it again: DOUBLE fried french fries.  Ah.... sigh.  This one is about 2 blocks from my work almost every day, so it's quite the struggle to not eat there ever single day.

Molly Moon's:

This may be the best known ice cream shop in Seattle right now.  They make flavors you can only dream of, like "roasted apricots and cream" and "baracky road".  The cherry on top- the ice cream is divine.  Only problem- you have to wait in line for an eternity to get a scoop. Still love them though. :)

I am so so excited for what's to come with the Seattle food truck scene.  It's booming like crazy right now and I couldn't be a happier girl about it.  Watch out Portland!

Next truck to try on my agenda- Monte Cristo.  Brand new truck devoted to all things cheese, especially grilled cheese.  I may just die and go to heaven.

What do you think, you guys?  Are you down with the food truck???



  1. Holy shit, a Skillet catered wedding? You are a genius. And Monte Cristo.... well lets just say 'melted' and 'cheese' might just be my two fav words. Need to track down this place ASAP!

    1. So I just tried to figure out where Monte Cristo will be landing this weekend, and I couldn't find it!
      I can't wait for that shite!

  2. Yum, I love food trucks! We're from D.C. originally, where food trucks are huge. But now we live in Sicily, where the only food truck they have heard of is the gelato truck! Which, of course, is the best ever. :-)

    1. Hi Becca! Hmmmm...... trading food trucks for living in Italy.... might be a pretty fair trade there. :)


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