Monday, October 29, 2012

Stupendous Monday: 10/29/12


Holy moly my friends!  I am shock.  Serious shock.  This month is almost over???  Wha??

I have been the busiest of bees with this house buying thing.  I love it, but sheesh... exhausting!!!!  Any advice for a new house buyer?  It seems like I have to make the most expensive decision of my entire life in like, negative 5 seconds, or it vanishes!  What's a girl to do eh????

Ah man.... at least I've managed to enjoy the best of months, October.  I love you October.

In case you were wondering (and why wouldn't you be??) that is green tea cheesecake with sourpatch kids.  Oh. My. God.

And yes, that is my boyfriend Garth.  Isn't he a stud?

Till next time my friends!  Till next time.....


  1. It's crazy! Where did October go?? It went by soooo fast, and over here it's almost winter already.

    I think my best house buying tip would be to team up with a professional to inspect the house. We almost bought a house last year, but after the house inspector man crawled out from under the house, we decided not to. We would never have guessed what was under there... I think, follow your heart, but tell it to shut up if reality gets in between.

  2. Awwwwwesome shots Trish.. love how you capture this beautiful, fleeting season! Some hilarious and yummy ones too (the cheesecake that is.. )! I'm jealous you got Garth.. he's always been my favourite, but I guess it's fitting ~ foxxxxxy lady! ;o)
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  3. So glad I found your blog (by way of Linn up there :-) ) I also live in Seattle and am planning a wedding for June. I look forward to exploring your blog.

    Oh, and your doggie is adorable!


  4. My sister just bought a house this weekend with her husband. Don't forget about all the things that you see in the house that DON'T come standard...if you're looking to buy new (in California at least lol)...that's what my sister is learning wah wah good luck!

  5. Hahahah I was just going to comment on that dessert! YUM! Thanks for answering my question! :) PS I agree with you...where has October gone??!!

  6. Love the photo of the skulls!

    I'm a new reader from the blog hop! Nice to meet you.

    Laura xxx


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