Friday, October 12, 2012

Style Lust: I Know clothing

Yo yo friends!

So......... I won this killer skirt from Isabel KnowlesTrue story.
Then I took a look at the rest of her stuff and fell in LUUUUV! How did I get so lucky????
Her stuff is so feminine and adorable, and completely made from organic materials.  On top of this, she is from England, so when I get an email from her I read it in my head in a cute british accent. :)

Check it out:

Pretty sweet eh?

I can't wait for her upcoming collection to come out.  Check out some of her inspirations on her blog here.




  1. I love the dress with the clouds and the birds (said with a funny Swedish accent ;-))!

  2. Eu amo vestidos. Muito lindos.

  3. omg! I didn't know people actually won giveaways, I certainly have seen no reward for all my entering efforts lol
    Cute clothes, though. I follow her blog and am always being impressed.

  4. Wow, those are amazing. The fox one is just way too cute!


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