Monday, October 1, 2012

Wishlist! October 2012

Holy buh-jeezus!  Can you believe it's freakin October???!!!

I can't.  Seriously.  I can't.

Anyways...... September flew by, but October is my fave month of the year.  Hooray!  Exciting times are to be had crafting harvesty stuff, making pumpkin food, gathering Halloween costumes, pumpkin searching and carving, Jared's birthday, and then..... HALLOWEEN!  YIPPEE!

Here are my 5 wishes for October this year:

1. These adorable mustard knee highs.  I actually wear knee highs over tights..... weird?  Or totally awesome?

2. This awesome Lionel Ritchie mug.  How cool is this tea mug?  Very cool.

3. This pumpkin carving book.  I love love love carving pumpkins.  And apples, and squash!  I could carve a million with this sucker.

 4. These superfab shoes.  The perfect color for fall clothes.

 5. This really cool vintage style dress.  Pretty sure I'm going to buy this one. :)

If somebody could please give me a million dollars to buy all the stuff I want, I would greatly appreciate it.

What are your faves for October?


  1. Fall favs:
    Denim shirts

    I love the same things every fall and only add one or two little things to change it up. This year it's a couple denims shirts. I can't wait to pick apples, carve pumpkins & jump in piles of leaves. I love your wishlist - super cute. And no, it's totally legit to wear knee highs over tights.

    Hope you're having a great October 1st, Trish!


  2. Love this wish list. I am totally pro over the knee stocking and I have 4 pairs to prove it.

  3. Love those mustard socks, I just bought some tights in this colour from H&M. Loving your cute blog too (and header picture!) just found you from I Know's blog.

  4. Gah those shoes are so pretty! I can't wait till it gets cool enough to break out the boots and sweaters!


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