Friday, November 30, 2012

Good riddance, November

Oh. My. God. Becky.  Sunday is my motha effin bday.  December is here tomorrow!!!  And guess what that means???  That mean's I get a birthday AND Xmas all wrapped up in 31 days.

November has been suuuuuuch an emotional roller coaster for me my friends.  I had some really great moments, but I gotta say November, you will NOT be missed by this chica.  It's difficult for me to discuss my emotions on this l'il ole blog, but November basically chewed me up and spit me out on the dirty dirty floor.  More on that later.... stay tuned.

Here are some highlights you may have missed from November.

I made some SUPER tasty pumpkin spice fro-yo pops.  Bit of a different direction from my wedding poptail obsession, but sooooooo good.

I won a Liebster award from the super super adorable Thessaly over at Lazarus Bell.  Huzzah!  My first one.  Thanks again, Thessaly.

I spent every Sunday night with really wonderful friends watching adorable animals and zombies, after stuffing our faces with delicious food and wine.

I got uber cheeseball on your asses and said my thanks for Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving so much.

I infused some more booze!!!  I know it's hard to believe, but it's the truth. :)

I made my own cheese.  First time eva.

I received a super cute little gift from Karen.

AAAAAAAAAAAANND..........I quit my lame as hell job!!!  BOOYAH!


  1. Those pops sound tasty. I love everything pumpkin. You quit your job? Super congrats to you!

    1. I DID quit my job. Something I should have done years ago. Actually, I did, and they threw money at me to get me to stay. damn money.
      I'm a free woman now though!

  2. Mmm those Popsicles look to die for!
    And Walking Dead Sundays - the best!

  3. You made your own cheese?! Dude, I've been wanting to do that for ages!! I'm really digging your blog, btw. Hello from Edmonton, Canada!

  4. Well that seems like a pretty eventful month, all in all! I just hopped on over from Miki's Blog hop to say Hi, oh and Happy b'day for tomorrow!!
    Daisy Dayz

  5. i know the attention should really be on the cheese, but... that plate your homemade cheese is on is super gorgeous. xx!

  6. ack! tell your upstairs neighbor that their TV area is delicious. I love the 60s decor. We do the 60s thing so half assedly that it just doesn't really have the same impact, haha. also, your dishes are super sweet.

  7. I'd forgotten to say happy belated birthday! ;D I hope whatever it is you had to go through last month is just part of the past and you're much happier now ;).

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