Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November tradition: Walking Dead Sunday

OK, so this is more like a fall tradition than just a November one.... but it's become one of my favorite things to do now that the clouds have decided to pee on us all day and night.  Each Sunday night, our upstairs neighbs have us over for an awesome dinner (we trade off who cooks), and then we watch the Walking Dead over wine, while Tootie and Mr. Michael Dinner (the cutest cat around, seriously!) play together.  Oh my, I love Sundays.

This last Sunday was RAD!  We had a mini Friendsgiving, and no joke, 4 bottles of wine between the 4 of us.  A WONDERFUL idea for a worknight right?  My need for greasy food and ibuprofen the next morning didn't seem to think so.  The first 3 of these pics were taken by the ever awesome Julie of viciouskitsch.com, who I have mentioned loads o times before.  Best upstairs neighb eva!

 I am still swooning over Julie's decor and table.  I am always in awe of her mad skillz.  Also, what did I say about her adorable Mr. Mikey???  The cutest right???  right.  Aaaaand, what a handsome Jerd I get to marry next year. :)

Any November traditions out there???? 


  1. Watching the Walking Dead is one of my Sunday traditions also! Well, a Monday one, because being from Spain I have to download it the next day :)

  2. That looks awesome! And how cute is that apartment!

  3. lovely pics!

    xx Audrey


  4. I watch the Walking Dead too...but with my dad... and sans wine. wah wah.

  5. Oh, that sounds like an amazing tradition to have!
    Lucky you to score an awesome neighbor :)


  6. That sounds like it was a ton of fun. I'm in love with her decor too!


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