Monday, November 12, 2012

Stupendous Monday: 11/12/12

Well sheesh mid-November.  How did you get here so quickly???  Is the time difference making anyone else feel a bit wonky?  It's sooooo odd coming home to a dark house after the sun sets.  Daylight savings just zaps the transition time!!  Damn you daylight savings.......

Haven't been much of a photo taker the last 2 weeks, but I managed to snap some pretty photos of the gorgeous fall backdrops before they disappear completely. :)

Some blood red hot chocolate for Halloween night.  see recipe here.

Single rainbow.  Oh my god.

Oh hello.


To market

Minnesota hot dish dinner.  Classy style.

The cutest mini pepper in our produce bin.

This rad tree outside our potential house!!! (yes, we have a potential house.  eeeek!  more on that later.)

I really love breakfast

mmmm......blood red wine.

I hope you are all having a very lovely Monday. :)



  1. That wine looks like it's delicious (considering I'm a "judge the wine by the label" kind of girl! lol

  2. That's a bunch of yummy looking food!

    1. I know huh? Food has been a BIG part of my last 2 weeks.:) ha!

  3. Delicious! It all looks delicious! What a fantastic weekend!

  4. mmmm blood red hot chocolate sounds so good!


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