Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tricia's November 2012 wishlist

It's that time again!  The time when I wish for material goods and hope my wish comes true. :)

Here is my wishlist for November:

1. This absolutely adorable dress.  I love this.
2. These AH-mazing boots.  Born is one of my fave brands and I am super psyched on these.
3. Some cozy spiced apple cider on the couch with a book, a blanket, and my pup.  Pic found here.
4. This wallet that looks like a book!  Are you kidding me right now? I am in love.
5. This vintage phone.  I have been searching and searching for the perfect vintage phone for my apartment.  This one is it!

There are definitely things I wish for this month that I couldn't put on here.  I am sooo looking forward to seeing my family and friends over wonderful dinners for Thanksgiving.  Also, a few more fall foliage walks before they disappear on the agenda I hope.  Also, can I please have a house?  Thanks.

Got any items on your wishlist this month???

See ya, Trish


  1. All of these are perfect! I am definitely loving this Fall season.

  2. I want to get a good pair of boots. Unfortunately I'll have to wait for them... ahhh such is life! I love "fall/winter" in San Diego. The air gets so crisp!

    Kristen Nicole

  3. I want that dress! It is so adorable!

  4. I love all of those things! The boots and wallet are to die for! I just met a friend who can sew dresses like this!

  5. OMG This is very 2012. Love it! Edgar Allen Poe vibes.


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