Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A magical adventure....

Guess what I did this weekend friends???  I went on a magical adventure. :)

Just a Christmas snow train to Leavenworth, no big deal.  Just the most beautiful, snowy, christmasy, fake Scandinavian town, no big deal.


You board a train at an unmentionable early time in the AM.  Enjoy fantastic scenery and bourbon spiked hot cocoa for hours on a train full of totally loony entertainers driving through mountains.  Prance through the scandinavian esque town.  Board the train again, and try to sleep on the way home (or drink more!).  

View from the train

What an awesome lady.


Th town

We had a beary good time.

Mr. Pillers

Lit up town

Look at this freak view from the train!!!!

Mountain backdrop



Tree lighting anticipation

Aaaaaaaaaand here is my friend Julie, with the grumpiest santa EVER!  Photos 2,3,4,5,6 and 13 courtesy of her skillz.

It was certainly a rad day.

Oh yeah. and then there was this guy.

The Spoonman!!!!!!!  Yes, THE Spoonman.  Like the soundgarden guy.  that one.  He was pretty rad too. :)

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  1. amazing landscapes, and the pics of you are lovely :)

  2. This looks like soooo much fun! And you look so cute. Is that accordion woman wearing sparkle pants?!

  3. I love popping in on your blog! This train trip looks so fun! I haven't taken a train ride in years, it's usually only when I am in Europe! But waking up early to catch a train is so adventurous. Makes me wish I had somewhere to go soon!

  4. Wow, that looks like it would be so much fun! Also, really awesome pictures. :)

  5. Oh wow! That looks so amazing!!! I'm totally jealous. Wish I was there :) ♥Lindsay

  6. Very cute, I wish every Scandinavian town looked like this! But one thing is true, all Scandinavians wear glittery silver pants :-)

  7. Gosh, what a fun time!! It looks like a winter wonderland there. :)

    I especially like 'grumpy santa' ... poor guy... lol!

  8. This is oh my goodness awesome! Just found you via the blog hop :) Coool site, looking forward to reading more!

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