Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love you {festive gift wrap}

Hello hello jolly friends.

Is anyone else one of those weirdos that spends as much time on wrapping a gift than on making one?  Cause I do that..... every year...... for every gift. :)

It drives Jared suuuuuuuper bonkers.  ha!  Too bad so sad honey. Yes, I NEED that $8 ribbon, and yes, it DOES need to go on the gift for my friend that hates Christmas.  Sound familiar????

Here are some Pinterest ideas I'm hoping to try this time around:

Can you tell I'm digging the craft bag look this year?????



  1. So cute! You have to post photos of how you end up wrapping your gifts!

    Sara, Road to the Heart

  2. I just buy pretty wrapping paper. If I put so much work into decorating gifts like this, I'd be really sad when it got ripped open.

  3. All of those are so lovely! I'd be happy with an empty box if it was wrapped up like any of those! lol

  4. Yep, I'm crazy about the wrapping too! I spend heaps on wrapping goodies, and ages making each present look amazing! I totally get where you're coming from!

  5. Those are so lovely! I put a little more effort into my wrapping this year and I'm glad I did! There's just something nice about having really pretty gifts under the tree!

  6. gahhh. too much cute and crafty goodness.

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