Saturday, December 29, 2012

Make your own winestopper!

Happy Friday friends!!  I'm finally feeling a bit better from the mysterious poison that entered my body over the weekend.  Ruined my effing Xmas!

Anyways...... here is an easy and exciting little DIY for you.  Any gifts you haven't given yet?  This is IT!

That's it!  You may need to scrape a bit of extra globby glue off before washing and giving away (or keeping for yourself!)  Unfortunately, we gave this goldie away before I could snap a pic.  The finished one above is one that Jerdy made me last year. :)

Hope you enjoy friends!  And happy weekend!



  1. I dont think I've ever seen this before, which is totally rad! :) such a genius idea! way to go girl!

  2. So bookmarking & saving for next time I need a present-- just gorgeous!

  3. That is just too cool. Those would make such cute gifts!

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