Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Blustery painting

Hooray for giveaways!!! 

See that blustery white painting above?  I WON THAT!  HUZZAH!

Ashely Peifer  generously offered up her Blustery Moment painting on Be Up and Doing.  You should really check out her blog, full of inspiring and beautiful artwork.

Haven't quite found the right place for it yet.  It would look great on an accent wall!  If only I had one....

Thank you so so much Allison for hosting the giveaway! 

Happy Tuesday friends.



  1. i think it looks great where it is! what a lovely bright spot - and your plants are ridiculously healthy. what is your secret? ;)

  2. How lovely! Yes, I do think it would look great on an accent wall...but at least you have a place of your own to hang things lol

  3. You're so lucky and it's such a cool piece! I think it'll be perfect with a few more paintings/wallhangings hanging around it!


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