Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A box of sweet gifts

In early December, I participated in the Christmas City Swap from Be Up and Doing.  I sent out a pound of local coffee, a handful of different local artisan chocolate bars, and a Pike Place Market ornament to my gal that I drew.

BUT- I never expected to get this amazing box FULL of sweet gifts from Candace.   Just check out this wicked awesome Christmas card!!!  Wow.  Definitely the best I've seen this year.

Soap and body mist, fit for a queen.

This Up, Up, and Away calendar is my fave item.  Sarah Ogren is a really beautiful artist.

Some vintage inspired post cards, and a notebook to put my most powerful thoughts. :)

And this Comic Art Propaganda coffee table book!

It was topped off with a vegan, gluten free lemon cookie.

Holy cow, Candace!  I thank you so so much for your thoughtful gifts.  You really went above and beyond, and it was such a brightness to my day.



  1. Just wow! You had an amazing partner, some of the stuff you got is to die for. I love the Comic book art book x


  2. What lovely gifts! Hope you pen some powerful thoughts soon.

  3. You lucky girl! These are all sooo cute. And I have those postcards, because I am a nerd that sends my friends postcards :)

  4. That is hands down the most awesome Christmas card ever!!!

  5. Wowza! Greatest. card. ever. And I am a mega crazy postcard lover. I'm so happy I came across your blog! Following now! <3 Amberly

  6. How fun! Soo, was that cookie any good? I have a prejudice against and fear of lemon desserts lol

  7. Wow, what an amazing box! That Christmas card is pretty amazing :)

  8. Damn, ok she totally beats me for best holiday card

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