Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A photo an hour {January 14, 2013}

Well, it's official.  Jerdy and I have now been together for 7 FREAKIN YEARS!  Cripes.

Our anniversary is actually the 13th, but we decided to spend the 14th together as a day off. 

9 AM: Waking up to some fine reading and coffee.  Jared is perusing "Tom's Big Dinners," the new Tom Douglas Cookbook I got for Xmas.  Super excited to cook some of this stuff.

11 AM: Breakfast at Skillet!  One of our fave places, and the business that will be catering our wedding out of a vintage airstream.  More coffee, pancakes, fruit, and bacon.  Seriously, they give you 6 pieces.  Whoa.

1 PM: Back to the apartment; Ukelele time!

2 PM: Off to Easy Street Records for some bittersweet record buying.  They are closing this beloved local music shop and turning it into a Chase this weekend.  Barf.

4 PM:  A nice long cold but sunny weather walk with Tootsie Roll.  It was just beautiful!  We watched the sunset from a bluff overlooking the water, but that part was too romantic for pics.  :)

6 PM: Cocktail O'Clock!  Listening to my new Judy Garland record and having homemade old fashioneds.  It doesn't get much better than that.

7 PM: Dinner time.  Sheesh I love to eat.  Shrimp and green apple spicy tacos.  mmmm....  with more cocktails of course!

10 PM: Some relaxing leisure time with the puppins and a book.  Ah, sigh.

It really was a fantastic day.  The weather was beautiful (which is rare around these parts these days) and we literally had NOTHING to do.  Love those times.



  1. Pretty! The Photo per hour idea is great, I'll have to try it one day. I love all the cocktails you consume :)

  2. Awww, what a gorgeous, romantic, fun and lovely day. Congrats again1


    P.S. When a record store closes a little piece of my soul closes too. so sad

  3. What a perfect day you guys had together (minus the record store closing boo!)

  4. Congrats! Take comfort in knowing at least the West Seattle Easy Street is still open (I mean, he signed a 25 year lease - ?!?! - a few years ago)! And uhh... you have a recipe for those shrimp and apple tacos? I need them in my mouth, like now.

    <3 Sara

    1. Sara! Here is the recipe for those tacos.
      SUPER good. Highly recommend.

  5. Looks like you had such a wonderful and romantic day!!

  6. awe congrats, looks like it was a perfect day!

  7. :D Big smiles. I think we are on 7 years now too (since 2006? That's 7 right!) I love all of this - the T & J letters are cute (we have similiar ones cut out of acrylic) and I love your cocktails! We never celebrate on the actual day of anything ourselves, we have 'un-anniversaries!'

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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