Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Earl Grey Gin

Miss my boozy concoctions?????  Been a while eh?

I have been really trying to utilize tea in some of the things that I cook/make lately, and of course my first attempt - INFUSING BOOZE!  yep.  Totally scored on this one.  This stuff rocks.

This is super super easy to do.  Here's what you need:

A pint sized glass container with tight closing lid.  I used a mason jar
2 earl grey tea bags.  I used Twinings.  You could also use about 2 tablespoons loose leaf tea here.
A pint of gin.  A little more than half of a 750ml bottle.
Fine mesh sieve
Some kind of bowl or large wide mouthed jar for transferring when straining

Alright....... let's begin.

1. Carefully rip open your tea bags and transfer the contents into a pint sized glass container.  Be sure to keep those tea bags, because they will come in handy when straining.

2. Add a pint of gin to your container.

3. Put a tightly closing lid on your container and give it a good shake.  Pretty huh?  Where are those hallucinogens when you need them?

4. Let sit for 2 hours, shaking a couple of times throughout. 

5. Line a fine mesh sieve with your tea bags and strain well.

6. You are done!  Pour tea bag into your pint glass container and you have earl grey gin!

Now, go make yourself a drink.  I made the concoction above, recipe to come in a bit. :)




  1. This has been on my mind! Infusing spirits.
    Does it taste strong enough of tea or do you still need a mixer?

    1. This DOES taste really strongly of tea! But still very strongly of gin... so mixer is definitely needed.

  2. Yum! Did you drink it cold or warm or both? I have heard of the tea codka nad I would probably try this with vodka instead as I am not a big gin person.

    1. Hi Katherine! Definitely cold. Not so sure about hot gin. This would work great with vodka too I think!

  3. I love these posts! You make the most delicious looking things!

  4. This looks so refreshing! What a brilliant idea

  5. Oooh, this looks delicious! I've infused vodka with berries and such in the summer months, but that always takes a few days to let it sit... and I'm inpatient. Two hours, I can do. I bet this would be yummy in some kind of twist on a classic toddy. Mmmmmm.

    <3 Sara

  6. This drink looks pretty darn divine! I've never tried a tea infused drink before...or is that an alcohol infused tea :-) Either way, it looks completely refreshing and definitely something I want..err..need to make. xo


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