Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January tradition: fresh flowers, every weekend.

This is a new tradition this year!  I decided to go along with The January Cure this month, and my favorite thing about it has definitely been the fresh flowers ALL over my apartment.  I'll admit, I've been pretty slackery about a number of the other tasks, but I've managed to buy myself flowers every single weekend.  I first thought it might be overkill, having so many flowers fill our tiny space.  Then, the January doldrums started to kick into high gear, and the flowers really do brighten the space.  Even on gray and rainy days, I've got some brightness going on in my dining room, and living, and even windowsills at this point!  It's been a gray and dry winter so far.  No snow, or even rain storms, just gray (thanks Seattle).  I needed these beauties.

I'm in love with this for January.  Just the brightness I needed.



  1. Love that idea! Once I'm done with school and gainfully employed again I'm definitely going to be buying flowers again.

  2. I love it! I always tell myself I'm going to do this and never do. It makes me happy to see fresh flowers everywhere.

  3. what a wonderful idea. I love having fresh flowers around the house! I try to get them at the market on Sunday but some weekends I'm a bit too lazy :)

  4. This is AWESOME! :) I am such a fan of bright, fresh flowers! The more colorful, the better ;) What a great idea and certainly cheerful. Thanks so much for checking out my blog, I am happy to have found yours too!!

    xo , Alyssa

  5. I love the idea of adding fresh flowers around the house. I think I read a while back that Oprah does this! :) It certainly brightens up the place and adds a sweet aroma! Great post!

  6. There really is nothing like fresh flowers in the house. Awesome! x

  7. such a great idea! I should do this, too! I definitely get the ol' seasonal affective disorder, so any bit of brightness would probably help. I really love the flowers you have in that second picture. baby's breath and, what is that other thing? so simple, but I love it.

    1. Hey Elizabeth! Those are billy buttons. I luuuuuv them. Also, they dry like a dream and keep for years that way.

  8. Bright idea indeed! Just beautiful colours.

  9. This ia a great tradition!!! Fresh flowers are always awesome :)


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