Thursday, January 3, 2013

One last look: December 2012

Well, it's done.  It's gone.  And I can't believe it.  Here's a look back at that glorious month called December.

I turned 31!!!  Feels just like 26. :)  Here is a look back at year #30.

I made festive drinks!

I had my 100th post and very first giveaway!  Congratulations again Jennifer.

I went on a magical Christmas adventure.

Decorated my teeny tree.  A December tradition.

I made 4 winter goals for myself.  Here's to 2013!

I sent off snowflakes for a very special cause.  There's still time to do this friends!

Aaaaaaaaaand, I gave a little make your own wine stopper tute.

Well December, it's sad to see you go so quickly, but I am ready for the new and exciting January!  Happy new year everyone. :)



  1. You had so many great posts in December! Can't wait to see what you have in store for January!


  2. What a great collection of posts! :)

  3. Thanks for joining the hop! I am now properly stalking you. I'm obsessed with your dress in this post too!!!

  4. Really cute dress! & All the best with your blog :)

    x Gi

  5. ooo love love love that first picture- your dress is awesome! and i cant quite believe we're in a new year either, where is the time going?!

  6. You look so lovely in that first picture! That dress is amazing on you!

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