Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stupendous Sunday: 1/6/13

Today is January 6th........ which means that January freaking 7th is already tomorrow!!!

no way.


The last 2 weeks blew right past me.  Seriously.  Holy camoly.  The holidays are over, and we've got gray, gray, and more gray to look forward to for the next 7 months.  That tree's gonna stay up as long as it can! 

We finally got off our asses and had our Save the Date photo shoot today!  Only 11 months after the engagement, no biggie.  My awesome and lifesaver of a friend Julie took our photos for us.  I am SO SO thankful to have an anal planner and wedding lover as a friend.  ha!  Julie, I dig you a lot.  Pictures will come soon!

Here are some shots from the last weeks:

Wink.  Or crack twitch.  Either are possible with this weirdo.

Breakfast, Stephen King style.

A lovely gift from Candace


Evergreen rooftops.

Old good friends.  I adore these ladies.

Views from a greener.

Evergreen State College.  Old stomping grounds.  Or the place I remember consuming my weight in booze.  A LOT.

Xmas gift.  LOVE THIS!

The needle at midnight.

Besties.  Jesus I miss her.

Sushi frans.

One left.

Tempura green tea ice cream.  Nuff said.

More breakfast.

Tolkien nerdface.

It begins......

Cutest thing ever?  I thought so.



Sidecars and water.  Yes please!

Two of us.

Obligatory feet shot.

None from Christmas this year due to my food poisoning extravaganza!  :(

Here's to 2013 week #2!



  1. FISHING WITH JOHN! Love it!

  2. Thank you for the Costco advice! I'll go on a weekday in the morning when everyone's at work, hehe. That sushi looks good!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who still has their tree up. I've put the ornaments away today but have left the tree in place because it still smells so crisp. I'll probably leave it up until it is brown. lol!

    It sure looks chilly where you are and that mini pan is definitely the cutest. :)

  4. Oh the tempura green tea icecream looks intriguing. Also your dog is super cute.

  5. lovely photos.
    I love your blog.

  6. Trish, your posts are simply wonderful. I really enjoy seeing you pop up in my reader. Hahaha. With that said, this week looks packed full of wonderful things. Can't wait to see your Save The Dates. Jordan and I didn't send any out, we just did it through Facebook. Hahaha. I'm cheap. I hope everything starts falling into place for you! Have a lovely Monday. Oh, how was The Hobbit? Did you enjoy it!?


  7. Yay for starting your wedding planning- even if it is 11 months later haha! I can't wait to see your pictures. And your week looked so happy and relaxed, trade places with me? =P

  8. All that booze talk speaks to my booze-y soul. Also, is that a cast iron skillet for little fried eggs?!?!? I need that! Can't wait to see those engagement photos too!

  9. What's your favorite sushi place in this area? I recently checked out Moshi Moshi, which was really good for happy hour. Also, I've never had a Sidecar. Should I? Trish I need your adviiiiice! :P

    1. haha! My fave sushi place is UMI. Definitely. SO good. In Belltown. And..... YES! Yes Sara, you should have a sidecar. My favorites were always at the Whiskey Bar, but it's now closed. :( I get mine with cognac instead of brandy and no sugared rim, like a bad-ass (or a bratty, picky customer).


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