Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stupendous Sunday {January 20, 2013}

Well January, you are half way through.  You've been good to me these last few weeks. 

I've been enjoying my leisure time!  I've got literally nothing that I HAVE to do.  YESSS!  It's been a lot of laying around and being lazy.  I think this coming week will be more productive, but I am soooo enjoying the relaxed and mellow mornings with coffee and a book.  Currently reading The Hobbit.  I read it when I was a kid.  Twice.  I was a bit obsessed, actually.  It's so strange reading something now that I adored back then.  I remember it, but it seems so different.  You know what I mean?  Has that ever happened to you guys?

Also, I started P90X!  Oh my god my legs hate me.  But, I've lost 3 pounds so far.  BOOYAH!

Here are some life snapshots from the last couple of weeks:

Some soda pop

These two, watching Mad Men together.  Tootsie sits like a person.  What have we done to her???!!

Monogram.  Project peek.



Good friends

Good drinks

Bally World Cup game!

G&R Pinball.  YES!


More games


Found this VHS during my purge!  ha!

Found some old records too.

Flowers flowers everywhere

What a regal lady. :)


My little one.

More P90X and purging on the agenda this week!  What do you guys have going on???



  1. I have started and failed to finish P90X a few times! It is intense! :)

    So glad to have found your blog. Feel free to stop by mine anytime!


  2. I wish I had your willpower!!! I need to start exercising so badly, I just feel like I never have the time! I've never done P90X before, but am seriously considering it.

  3. Your dog is ridiculously cute :) What kind is she??


    1. Hi Jen!
      She is a mini schnauzer...... apparently. I've got my doubts though. She doesn't look like one does she?

  4. I love those flowers, your puppy is SO adorable, David Bowie rocks! I love your red striped straw and I wish we had a liquor cart in my house!! I need that pronto!! :)

  5. Your bar is like something out of a dream!

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