Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A kindergarten valentine

Happy valentine's day friends!!!!

This may be my most ridiculous post to date.  But I don't care, because it's pretty hilarious.

I'm not much of a valentine's day kind of lady.  I don't care for pink or glitter.  I hate roses and don't really like chocolate that much (say what???!!  I know.).  I don't even like those little conversation hearts!!!!

But.... I do like to make Jared smile, and maybe even chuckle a little bit.  So this year, I made him a cheeseball construction paper and elmer's glue valentine.

Pretty cute eh?

If you couldn't guess, that's me on the left and Jared on the right.  Holding hands and some heart balloons. 

I'm gonna keep the inside just between Jerdy and I.

Do you have any plans for valentine's day???  Jared and I are going to make dinner and watch a movie.  We don't usually do much for V-day, just spend the day/night together.  Jared's mom gave us an extreme Christmas present this year.  A voucher for a 7 course meal with wine pairings at one of the most expensive restaurants in Seattle.  EEP!  Reservations are booked out months in advance, so after waiting since Christmas, ours is on Saturday.  We are pretending that this is a fancy V-day dinner this year. :)

Well...... cheers to all of you lovers out there!  Whether it be significant other, child, pet, sibling, friend, robot, penpal, what have you..... go show someone some love today!



  1. Haha, this is cute! Happy Valentine's!! xxx

  2. Happy Valentine's day!! I love to give homemade cards.. they are always the best!

  3. Omg, that's great. hehe.

    It's my birthday today, so me and my bf are going to dinner. Then tonight I'm going to the movies with my bitter single friends. lol

  4. Seattle is my food vacation place. I basically pack on 10 pounds in a few days. I can only imagine how AH-MAZING that restaurant will be!
    Oh, and today is my boyfriends birthday so my day is spent stressing over how to make a boy's birthday special on this silly holiday! GAH!

  5. Love the card and I'm sure he will too! We're having our Valentine's Day on Saturday too---shopping for a new camera and dinner (Yay!).
    I tagged you to participate in the Leibster Blog Award! If you're interested here's the details

    1. Oh shucks thank you! I've already done that one. But so so sweet for thinking of me. :)

  6. My only plans for V-day is Scanddaaaaaaal! I live tweet weekly with a bloggy friend, haha, you are more then welcome to join us! I love that show! Hey, I'm tagging some of my followers for the Leibstar Blog Away but you've already been nominated, if you still want to take part I'd love to have you . And consider joining us tonight for the live tweeting!

    1. You ladies are too sweet! I would luuuuuuv to join tonight, but alas, I have a movie and glutton date with the fiance. :) Thanks so much, Elle!

  7. ha! Cutie nerds ;o) Don't worry.. I'll eat enough chocolate for both of us! lol
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