Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keep on keepin on {Winter 2013}

Remember those goals I made in December????  Well, it's been months since then.  And guess how many I've stuck with?????  ZERO.  ZILCH.  NADA!  None.

I'm finding myself just waiting for this time to pass.  This gray and dreary winter.  I couldn't be any more ready for Spring than I am right now, and any less motivated to get off my fat (but lovely) ass.  Meh.  I am in a rut I think.

This is how I feel:

You know, just 2 seconds away from being sucked in to that personal psychic.  Can't figure out what to do next so I just wait until the time passes.

BUT...... this is how I want to feel:

Except I'm 31.  And not 23.  And not Lelaina Pierce.  And my days of wanting to screw Troy Dyer are long gone (maybe).  BUT...... Troy does have a point doesn't he??? 

Well winter....... you have kicked my ass.  I am done with you.  I'm putting on some make up and heading to Albuquerque in March to see my best lady friend, then I've got some super wedding planning and crafting that has to get done -STAT!  Until then, we will have to agree to disagree.

On a totally different note.....does anyone else find it strange and awesome when you watch a movie you love 10 years later and totally identify with different things and people???  So weird.... like I'm actually growing up or something.




  1. The movie thing: Totally, same goes for books-- I love multiple layers & depth & how you notice things that never occurred before.
    The blech thing: Been there. My slow week a few weeks back-- when nothing seems to get done & time moves at a snails pace. Hang in there!

  2. I know what you mean! I'm so beyond over winter! I just want some sunshine and a sixty-degree day! I want to be able to open my windows and hear birds chirping. Le sigh. lol It's coming. Coming.

  3. I think that's why we have calendars. Days tick by and we know that eventually, by virtue of each day passing, spring will come...because there's April getting closer and closer. Just...believe in April.'re in the only have to believe in the middle of March! (= Lynaea @

  4. First off...LOVE Reality Bites!!! Second, so ready for spring to arrive because I always get that anxious feeling that with the next whatever that is coming it's going to be a new, fresh chapter for me...until the next time I feel that way. (don't know if that made any sense at all, but it does to me :)

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I can't wait for warmer weather and some sunshine on my face. By the way,I love Reality Bites and actually have a post about that darn movie too. It takes me back to high school too, (i'm a year older then you) and at this age I noticed I related to other things in the movie. New follower,Sil


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