Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oodles and oodles of citrus

Yo friends.

Just thought I'd share a little February tradition around these parts: eating SO MUCH FREAKIN CITRUS!

oodlesofcitrus1 photo citrus1_zps110dc964.jpg

It gets a little rough in February in rainy Seattle, fruit wise.  Not much locally, so we make do with what we get: citrus.  We get the end crop pears and apples too, but sheesh we get a lot of citrus.  Last week we got 10 mandarins, 4 cara cara oranges, 2 grapefruits, 2 lemons, and 4 navel oranges.  The limes we got at the grocery store, but the rest is just a week's worth!  Citrus is one of my favorite things, especially when the winter doldrums are in high gear.  They really do brighten up any room or recipe.  Can they be any more perfect for February??? 
oodlesofcitrus3 photo citrus3_zps86b726ed.jpg
oodlesofcitrus4 photo citrus4_zps9b6da789.jpg  
If you've been following along, you've seen me attempt a few newbie experiments with these.  Simmering potpourri, and orange sugar body scrub.  I made some five spice orange roasted chicken that was killer!  No pics sadly, but it was a Tom Douglas (swoon!) recipe that seriously blew my mind.  I've got some grapefruit creamsicles on the agenda you should look out for!  

Got any citrus recipe ideas for me????  I'd really love to hear them, considering we are getting another bin of these goodies today.  

Have a great Wednesday all!



  1. I love citrus, could there be a more versitale fruit? Hubster and I just started eating Pomelos, never have I eaten a more delicious or gigantic fruit.

    these photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing.


  2. Citrus is delish. I use to eat a couple of oranges daily. Haven't in a while though. How about some sort of citrus pesto? I think I saw a recipe for it on pinterest. That sounds pretty interesting..

  3. Winter citrus is absolutely one of my favorite traditions. I am swimming in mandarins right now and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm definitely excited for the creamsicle recipe too!

  4. Lemons I am huge lover of lemons! :-)

  5. The five spice orange roasted chicken sounds amazing! One of my favorite citrus recipes is baking salmon with sliced oranges and is really good!

  6. Lovely pictures! SO colorful! I would just end up making a lot of cocktails out of these, they go with every liqueur, right? :)

  7. Sure they taste yummy, but I just adore the way they look all bright in a fancy bowl on the counter!!

  8. I love this blog. Found you through Heidi's wanderings feature :)
    One day I'll visit Seattle. Kansas is getting boring!

    The Nautical Owl
    Perhaps we can follow each other?


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