Thursday, February 21, 2013

Red white and yellow

red white and yellow

These are my wedding colors friends!!!  A deep darkish red, an ashy white, and a mustard yellow.  And actually, this is what I want my bouquet made of.  Strawberries, white peonies, and billies.  I'll probably throw in some baby's breath too.

First off, I want to give a big super thanks to Chrissy for nominating for the Liebster award.    Definitely blush worthy, thank you!

The wedding planning is going sooooooo very slow.  Jared and I really need to get our butts in gear.  Here's what we got so far:

Skillet Street Food is catering!  I couldn't be more excited about this. 

We are having our wedding in Shelton.  At Jared's dad's "cabin".  AKA awesome house on the beautiful Puget Sound.  Sooooooo lucky this girl.

We had our engagement shoot (thanks again Julie!), and have our save the dates pretty much done.... but not mailed.  GAH!

Other than that, we've decided that my best lady friend, Maghag, will marry us.  In front of 80 people (see oh my god post here.)

Haven't officially decided, but I think I'll walk down the aisle to this:

And walk back down as a married lady to this:

or this miraculous tune:

Haven't decided on the dress yet...... but when I do I think I'll keep it my little secret until the wedding. :)

Have a great day friends!



  1. I choose Dion to walk back down to!! I love Dion! I cannot wait to see these pictures the location sounds BEAUTIFUL!

  2. So jealous that you have a location for free! Love the music selections! I keep thinking about June Carter Time's a Wastin.

  3. Love all of this! That location will be beautiful, you will look stunning, the music - so good and classic! :) I do want to see that dress though! ;)

  4. you guys look very happy together!

  5. Well done!! Those are beautiful colours, especially put together. And on a lake? With that cool catering?! It's going to be a fabulous wedding!! :)

  6. This all looks/sounds so wonderful! Can't wait to see more posts as more of the planning comes together. Also, on a side note, I'm super glad this post was about your wedding . . . 'cuz when I first read the title and saw just the cut-outs of the pictures . . . well, I couldn't exactly tell what the pics were of and in my head I was thinking "Oh Dear God. What is she making that involves strawberries, garlic, and...uh...pollen?" I was v. frightened at first and then much relieved.

  7. It is going to be gorgeous!!!! And so personal-- my favorite kind of wedding. So excited for you!!!

  8. awwww, awesome stuff! it's going to be gorgeous! and congrats on the liebster! xx

  9. I'm remembering one of your earlier posts, where you worried about having lots of people at your wedding, and the possibility of heightened emotions leading to maybe a snot bubble? When I clicked your "down the aisle" melody, I was thinking...definitely a snot bubble tune. In the very best sense of the euphemism. You should definitely use it. Throat lumpy sweet. I think your bouquet is going to be AWESOME! Strawberries! Yay! Lynaea @

  10. Your wedding is going to be gorgeous!

  11. such perfection as far as colors go for the pnw. and peonies with strawberries? it's gonna be so special.

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