Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stupendous Sunday {2/3/2013}

February already?  No shit?

The last two weeks have been such a blur...... here are some snippets

Pliny the Elder came to Seattle, for the very last time.  Cheers!

Know that big purge I keep talking about????  This is some proof that it has happened.  Cripes!  If I had only taken some before pics!

Little one.  So tired she doesn't give a hoot or a holler I covered her up with a blanket.

Bar shot.

I'm in love with my green heart shaped ramekins!

Sunny morning breakfast

Adventures in rug making

Night time

Red lip time

Well.......... that's all I got for now.  Here's to sipping some coffee and reading a good book curled up on the couch on a cold February Sunday morning. :)



  1. Those beers look really delicious! What kind are they?

    1. hey Yelle! That beer is called Pliny the Elder. Somewhat of a celebrity beer around these parts that won't be distributed in Seattle anymore.

  2. Wow! You're making a rug! I'm impressed and so curious to see how it turns out.

    Hope your year has started off well. Already February? No. Just can't believe it.

  3. those ramekens are so cute!! and i think i've said this to you before, but i love those plates that the grapefruit is on.. xx

  4. Ooohh rug hooking! I used to do this when I was a kid! I have never been able to find kits that aren't, ya know, cuddly kitties, or lie pine cones or something haha! Do you have a secret source for cool kits?

    :) Lesley

    1. ha! Latch hook patterns are SO ridiculous. But..... nerd alert..... I made my own pattern on paper and cut my own yarn, and I'm following that. Fingers crossed that it works out!

  5. January also ran away from me and I was so surprised when February was here.

  6. These pictures are brilliant. It looks like you had a fabulous January.

  7. Great pics! Looks like you`ve been busy! Great looking closet and super cute dog!


  8. oh how gorgeous are those sweet red lips. What a delight it is peering into your world, thanks for the invite, I'll be Oh and your profile picture is beautifully hilarious, love it.

  9. why am i not following you on instagram?? your life rules.


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