Friday, March 15, 2013

A photo an hour {March 1-3, 2013}

Oh my gosh friends.  SO many photos to sort through from my little adventures this month.  This is more of a "photo every few hours over the weekend" kind of post. 

A couple of weekends ago, Jared and I headed to his bros house in Idaho for his dad's bday.  Just a little mini-visit with family.

3/1/13: 6AM (yes, 6AM on a Saturday.  ouch!):  Packed and ready to go.

9AM: Mountains, not a bad view for a 5 hour drive

12PM: Being entertained on the long drive by Tootie.

7PM: Cake time with Layla.  Jared's sweetie pie little niece.  We had dinner with the fam and watched a movie.  Ah...... relaxing family time.

3/2/13: 12PM: Coeur D'Alene tourist time!

1PM: Frozen with some hot cocoa on the beach. :)

3PM: Went for a drive and never expected to find this gorgeous windy road on a frozen lake. 

We headed back and had more relaxing fam time.  Food, movies, cute little niece, family, and a comfy comfy couch.  I didn't take any pics!  Ack!

3/3/13: 12PM: Took the scenic way home.  Stopped at a viewpoint at the Gorge in George.

When we got back we met up with Jared's mom and aunt who is moving to San Fran (lucky lady!) for some seriously stiff drinks, then headed over to our wedding food tasting. 

Seems like ages ago.  What a weekend!


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  1. That is a wonderful pic of your dog! My favorite.

  2. This looks great! What fabulous pictures, a lovely way to record your memories of the day xx

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. YOU ARE THE CUTEST. So glad I found you:)

    Also, if you want to advertise on my page just Use "SWAP" to get it for free mmmkay?

  4. Oh my gosh...those mountains are amazing. So beautiful!

  5. awesome photos! looks like you guys had a great day! and i still have an overwhelming urge to steal your pup!

  6. I love that landscape with mountains and lakes. It's kind of... wild and free.

    Stiff drinks _before_ wedding food tasting, was that really a good idea?? ;-)


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