Saturday, March 2, 2013

DIY Love {cute little terrariums}

Hey there!  I'm actually in Idaho this weekend friends!  Visiting Jerdy's brother and his adorable little niece.  BUT....... I've still got a little post for you. :)

Now that it's officially that last stretch of winter, I'm getting myself pumped for spring plants!!  I am a plant junkie.  I confess.  I've got waaaaay more than any 700sq ft apartment should ever have.  And I need more.  I try to keep it at only 1 new plant a year, but how is that freakin possible??

Anyways....... I made some hanging terrariums a few years back out of some glass globes that Jerdy got me for Xmas....... but I want to make another one!  Here are some that are inspiring me:

A billy button house.  How cute is this??

I love love love all of these!  I'm thinking little plastic animals and some succulents with some brightly colored painted mini-sticks.  SO cute!

Have you guys made one of these before???



  1. I made a moss terrarium last spring!

    I seriously loved it, but one day I was packing for a camping trip and flipped my Coleman stove open unthinkingly and tipped the contents of it all over the kitchen table. I was pretty crushed. I saw some super cute terrariums at a vintage fair today - succulents in vintage glass jars! It's inspired me to try again!

    I love the hangy one!


  2. They are so cute! I was thinking about having them scattered around our reception venue for the wedding.. think I might have to do some googling and diy!

  3. They are beautiful, I really can't wait being able to make so much more things to add personal touches to our home when we moved, for now we have to put up with old lady decor. I saw I think on Pinterest a picture of big light bulbs turned into vases of sorts, it's amazing the things that people come up with I would never of thought of

    Rhiannon x

  4. They are all beautiful! Love the one on the hook - so pretty! I think I might need to make one of my own as well! Happy Sunday xxx

  5. I love making these little guys! And I hear ya, plants are lovely. I can't wait till the snow goes away and I can start a little garden on the deck!


  6. Love the yellow button one! Might add this to my try out to do list for this summer-- I managed to keep ivy & basil alive for a year, maybe its a sign I should..ahem..branch out lol

  7. The teardrop shaped one is so cool. I haven't ever made one, but it's on my to do list. Hope you have a fantastic trip, and that you have the opportunity to make some memories.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  8. I'm so in love with terrariums. I want one!

    <3 Melissa

  9. I love terrariums! That last one is my favorite.

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