Sunday, March 31, 2013

In like a lion, out like a lamb. March 2013

Ah sigh..... it's Easter........ it's Spring......the sun is shining!!!!!  Holy bajesus I'm happy about this.  March was my recharge month.  After such a shitty winter, I really needed this month to give me that boost I was looking for.  It went by in the blink of an eye.

I made some SUPER good grapefruit creamsicles.  I don't think anything would be bad mixed with ice cream.  Maybe soy sauce?

I visited the Kasha-Katuwe tent rocks in New Mexico.  Oh my gosh..... SO cool.

Took a little long weekend trip over to Idaho to visit Jerdy's brother. 

I used some magic and painted these flowers green for St. Patty's.  Also made my first home cured corned beef and cabbage!  Devoured too quickly for pics. :)

Visited both Madrid and Santa Fe New Mexico! 

Set some new goals for myself to make Spring the best EVA!

Experienced the Bandelier cave dwellings.  Phenomenal.

Aaaaaaaand, I got to see Jesse Pinkman's house.  Like, 8 times, just to be sure it was real.  It was.  People actually live in it.  Didn't stop me from snapping a pic with candy blue meth.

I loved March!!!  SO much traveling and sightseeing.  I've actually still got my favorite sightseeing day from New Mexico left to share, Kitchen Mesa.  I'm crossing my fingers this sunshine sticks around, and a jobby pops up for me real soon.

Have a wonderful April friends.  Cheers to April!  Wahoo!



  1. Those grapefruit creamsicles look so yummy! ♥

    March was really great, I'm glad you had such an eventful month!

  2. Looking forward to your Kitchen Mesa pics-- & here's hoping April brings spring with it!

  3. Glad to hear that March was good to you. And April, with sunshine, spring and maybe some ice cream - what can possibly go wrong!?

  4. Holy cow I'm making those grapefruit ceamsicles!! They look amazing!!

  5. Is it weird that I would totally try soy sauce ice cream? Let's just say I share your love of all things ice cream. :)


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