Thursday, March 21, 2013

Madrid and Santa Fe, New Mexico

Happy Friday friends!!!!

First off, I want to give a big shout out to Heidi for nominating me for a Liebster award.  Thanks so much Heidi!  I've already done the Liebster a few times, so I'm gonna pass the torch, but I am always amazed at how supportive the blogging community is.  Seriously ladies.  I love ya!

I'm still sorting through pics of my vacation down to New Mexico, and thought I'd share some favorites from day 2.  After hiking the awesomely phallic tent rocks on day 1, We took a long drive down the Turquoise Trail to Santa Fe, stopping in Madrid.  Yes, Madrid.  Pronounced like baaaa-drid.  Like a sheep noise.  ha!

Here are some photos of Madrid.  This teeny town town is super rad.  Just a small (like one street small) artist community with a surreal midwestern feel to it.   Historically, Madrid has been known for having one of the brightest Christmas displays in the world.  It's even where Walt Disney got his inspiration for early Disneyland.

 photo madridandsantafe1_zpsbb4d2db7.jpg
 photo madridandsantafe5_zps2c76a6cc.jpg
 photo madridandsantafe3_zps2c4c9255.jpg
 photo madridandsantafe4_zpsbd20d173.jpg

Santa Fe was a bit disappointing, because the weather decided to piss sleet all over us.  It was so windy we couldn't even be outside.  We made the best of it, by eating and hopping into little shopping centers, and I managed to get a couple of shots within the first hour of being there before the weather went nuts.  Santa Fe is like being transported into a movie where everything is adobe style.  EVERYTHING!  I think it's a law or something.  Super neat little place, and someday I'll go back when it's not 1 of the ZERO days a year it rains there.

 photo madridandsantafe9_zpscd2677cd.jpg
 photo madridandsantafe6_zpsfe779f51.jpg
 photo madridandsantafe7_zpsd4d7fd7f.jpg
 photo madridandsantafe10_zps1b07fba6.jpg
 photo madridandsantafe8_zps70c941f3.jpg

I've got a handful more days to share!  Still some ancient cliff dwellings and Kitchen Mesa.  Stay tuned!



  1. What a great lookin' little town! I always love driving through New Mexico. I'll have to plan an actual visit there someday.

  2. Never been to Madrid but it looks like my kind of place. I do however LOVE Santa Fe. Super bummed for you that the weather was poo. That city has so much heart and art!

  3. wow these are some really incredible pictures! I'd love to go to Madrid, I have only visited northwest spain so far tho...

  4. Fantastic photos! (Also, I looovedy love your bangs!)


  5. So jealous of this little trip! Funky, artsy little towns are the best.

    PS - I totally thought of you the other day because I made an alcohol infused concoction - rummy bears! Used bacardi razz. So good :D

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