Monday, April 22, 2013

Apartment peek {the bar}

Howdy dudes.

Thought I'd share a little peek into my teeny apartment.  Every time I post a pic with a glimpse of our bar, I get TONS of comments about it.  I like it too.  :)

We created our bar in a super awkward small corner of our dining room.  It's one of those that can't be left blank or empty, but you just don't know what the eff to do with.  I had been using an old vintage sewing table (neutered of it's sewing abilities, poor thing) as a desk of sorts, and realized that it fit perfectly in this corner.  A little thrifted wicker tray and some cool pics on the wall, and voila!  Bar!

barview1 photo barview1_zps98670da7.jpg
barview2 photo barview6_zpsbd13a6c7.jpg
barview3 photo barview3_zps1f2a8900.jpg
barview4 photo barview2_zps23405ab8.jpg
barview5 photo barview5_zpsd6609d19.jpg
barview7 photo barview7_zpsddf68982.jpg
It's actually WAY too small to hold all the booze in our house.  We are some serious boozehounds.  But at least what's on display makes us seem classy!!!

Have a swell week dudes!



  1. I love that! It's really cute. Also, way cool shark picture!

  2. I love how you are making use of the little space, the prints really compliment the desk. I am inspired to take a closer look at my little spaces now!


  3. Love it! I have a space that's exactly like this one and I put a bar in there also.. haha!

  4. ahh, so cool! I really want a little bar setup now. thanks for the inspiration! I love it. I feel like everything would be consumed way too fast in this house, and we wouldn't have much on display for very long, haha

  5. Gah -- consider me jealous! I've wanted a bar cart for ages, but popping out a kid kind of put the brakes on that. All our lovely booze & fancy glasses are hidden away from grubby toddler hands.

    1. Also, I'm excited to report that the comment capcha or whatnot was "alcohol kahsfgha"

  6. Your bar is super cute, I love the gallery wall with it. I also love that shark picture-- such a dapper shark!


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