Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kitchen Mesa

Here it is!!!!  The very last of my photos from my New Mexico trip in March.  Ah sigh.... god that was a blast.

The last full day in New Mexico, we hiked Kitchen Mesa in Ghost Ranch.  It was AH-MAZING!  Seriously, breathtaking.  Ever seen a Georgia O'Keeffe landscape painting???  Kitchen Mesa was the inspiration behind them.  She lived right outside of Ghost Ranch, and frequented Kitchen Mesa.  It's a pretty short hike, but it's definitely the most beautiful landscape I've ever seen.  These rocks are about a hundred different colors, and the sky is a crazy pretty blue.

kitchenmesa1 photo kitchenmesa5_zpsae1720eb.jpg
kitchenmesa2 photo kitchenmesa3_zps3a9e8a75.jpg
kitchenmesa3 photo kitchenmesa1_zps1179c73c.jpg
kitchenmesa4 photo kitchenmesa6_zpsbd611f5c.jpg
kitchenmesa5 photo kitchenmesa10_zpsef5bb4ff.jpg
kitchenmesa6 photo kitchenmesa7_zpsb2298582.jpg
kitchenmesa7 photo kitchenmesa8_zpsbf2c6497.jpg
kitchenmesa9 photo kitchenmesa4_zpsa2050e93.jpg
kitchenmesa9 photo kitchenmesa2_zpsb1e4e2cc.jpg
This was quite the epic day for me, as a lady afraid of heights.  I literally had some life frightening scares with the climb up the mesa.  Ropes and jagged rocks!!!  Oh my.......  I had to belt out some "I'm Every Woman" when I got to the top.  ha! 

Totally worth it in the end though.  



  1. The pictures are so beautiful. And the landscape of New Mexico is totally ah-some.

  2. Wow, breathtaking! I've never been to New Mexico but need to visit there one of these days. I never realized that about Georgia O'Keefe - makes me what to hike Ghost Ranch even more :-)

  3. Hi! New follower and blogger here=) New Mexico is gorgeous, right? As a High Desert native, I have to admit that the desert holds a certain charm. Glad you had an amazing trip!

  4. Wow! You really caught the beauty of that place. So important to get out there and conquer things every once in a while.
    Way to go!!!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

  5. awww! Looks like a fun trip! And your header picture is awesome! Super cute blog :)

  6. Ah - so beautiful and bright. I love knowing places like that still exist in the world.


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