Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's reminisce {about good ol' grandpa Elvis}

This is my grandpa:

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haha!  Just kidding.  He wishes.  Seriously..... he does.  He thinks he looks and sounds just like him.  I bet you think I'm joking..... but I'm totally not.

 My grandfather has always been my father figure.  Always.  You know those baby photos you have of you sleeping on a sleeping dude?  I've got those...... with my grandfather.  My mother was a teen when I was born, so I lived with my grandparents until the age of 2.  Stole his heart this little lady did!!

Growing up, he would take me out to dinner every other Friday night.  Fancy steakhouse dinner!  Then, we would watch the movie of my choice (ALWAYS Disney's Robin Hood), and then watch a movie of his choice (ALWAYS a super scary horror flick).  Sounds a bit strange now with the horror movies.... but hey.... it wasn't perfect...... it was RAD, although I'm pretty sure Pet Cemetary scarred me for life!  He would then sneak me bites of my grandma's ice cream, and I'd fall asleep on the couch.  The next morning I got egg mcbozeman's (egg mcmuffins with no egg) for breakfast, and more Robin Hood.

One of my favorite memories of my grandpa, is when he bought himself the complete 1968 Elvis Comeback Special on VHS, and we spent an entire day watching it together, like 3 times.  He sang the whole time, and I thought he was SOOOOOOO nerdy!!!  Elvis was SO not Madonna or Tiffany.  Sheesh grandpa.  

I remember making vomit noises when he turned this up super loud and sang and danced:
Or thinking this was the prettiest song I'd ever heard, but could never admit to him at the time:

 I've been trying to decide on that perfect song to walk down the aisle to at my wedding.  Arm and arm with grandpa.  Elvis was my first thought.  DUH!  Haven't been able to pin down one that I feel comfy walking down the aisle to though...... all the good ones are about sex!  That would just be weird.  There will be TONS o Elvis songs during the reception though.  And I hope grandpa belts it out and dances like he's 25 all over again.  

Love that guy....... so much.

 Is it weird that I think Elvis a mega sexy fox now????  I'll leave you with my fave Elvis track:



  1. ahhhhh!! I love this post. My grandpa was always my father figure also. He's the best man I ever knew. I miss him everyday! That's so awesome that yours is walking you down the aisle... and duh! Elvis is super foxy.

  2. this is the sweetest post ever!!!

  3. Wow, this is such a sweet and beautiful post. I know you'll find the perfect song. I have a grandfather who is pretty special, it took me forever to pick out our song to dance to at my own wedding. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life dancing with him.

  4. <3 I love this post. I'm a total Daddy's girl and this just makes my heart happy. Make it your own and do what makes you happy... Elvis and all! I walked down the aisle with my pops to "Dawn" from the Pride & Prejudice" soundtrack & walked off with the husband to "California Girls" by The Beach Boys.

  5. Aw, I really enjoyed this post so much. :)

  6. Dad is always someone who loves us unconditionally, great article, wishes you happiness with your family


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