Friday, April 5, 2013

Stupendous Friday {4/5/13}

What a fab couple of weeks it's been.  We had our first bbq of the year on Wednesday night, and mostly sunny skies the week before!  Loving this spring......

Let's catch up on instalife shall we?  I'm totally behind on these.... someday I'll make it to a Sunday again. :)

Save the dates totally printed and mailed.  YESSSSSS!

Won this cookbook from Aub at Kitchen Vignettes!!  Thanks so much Aub!  Can't wait to make some authentic Italian dishes.

Lots of doggie time in the spring sunshine. :)

Won this rad scarf from Lesley at By the Porchlight.  Thanks again Lesley!!  It's been too warm for it, but we're bound to get some cool days soon.

Found the sweetest little note next to coffee when I woke up a few weeks ago.  Love that Jerdy.  So much.

Started climbing the monster stairs next to my apartment.  KILLERS!

Had a swanky date night with my dude.  Check out this cassette tape table at The Sexton!!!  I totally want one.

Had a little egg dyeing partay.  Loved it.

Well, that catches up to a couple of weeks ago!  How is the spring looking where you live???


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  1. I love your save the date cards! you two (and your doggy) are too cute! spring is definitely here full-fledged (even the april showers)!love this.

    <3 Haley

  2. So much you have going on!! Well done on getting the save-the-dates out!

  3. Awww I love your save the date cards, I just got ours and going to be sending them this weekend :D so exciting!!

  4. YEah.. you decided on which pic for your save the date - so sweet! I think I've said it before.. but you have a GREAT happy smile! Glad you scored a sweet man there too, love notes - swooon.
    Enjoy that spring for me.. it's been stupid wintry here still, but this weekend they *say* its going to be more mild/wet instead of the snow we had today.. agggghhh!
    needle and nest

  5. Congrats on the save the dates. So exciting! I love the expression on your face in the photo. So sweet.

    My pup Patrick has been loving some fetch in the sunshine too! He's pretty much OBSESSED with tennis balls and is so glad it is now warm enough to play.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  6. ah the save the date cards super adorable! =)

  7. Your cards are GORGEOUS!! What a busy bee you've been!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  8. I love leaving notes to my other half! and he does so as well! that's such a cute way of communication especially then we both get really busy!



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