Saturday, April 13, 2013

TGI..... Spring! {2013}

Dear Spring,

I love you so so much.



Friends!  Tis the season for:

Cherry blossoms.  Image found here
1. Make these adorable origami fakies.
2. Drink this drink!!  SO going to try this one.  Spring tea and lemonade. :)
3. Wear this super sweet crown. 

Rhubarb. Image found here
1. Eat these.  Strawberry shortcake is my all time favorite dessert.  Rhubarb is my fave spring food.  YES!
2. Do this to your hair naturally.  Maybe a natural ombre effect?
3. Drink this rhubarb float.  Need I say more?

Herb gardens.  Image found here
1. Make this mason jar radness.
2. Infuse some booze with your herbs like this!
3. Make this delish looking sauce

SO much more that I love in Spring.  Birds chirping, asparagus, longer days, sunshine, oh and ROMANCE!

What do you love about Spring?



  1. I love being warm again. And I love tulips. Have a great weekend.

  2. I have some chives I'm growing and I just bought some new pots for them, but I think they might be dying. I hope not. :(

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