Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tricia's wishlist {April 2013}

Ah April....... the quintessential newbie Spring month.  YESSSSSSS!

april 2013 wishlist

1. This adorable spring dress!!!!  I'd LIVE in this if I had it.
2. These mid century low ball glasses.  I want a set of these so badly!
3. This new book by Michael Pollan.  Can this man do any wrong???  nope.
4. This little dwarf citrus tree!!  Endless cocktail citrus AND a citrus scent.  YES!
5. This perfect little spring purse by Orla Kiely. 

I want to read this book, wearing this dress with some sunnies on the deck, sipping a cocktail out of these glasses, garnished with some meyer lemons from one of these trees, with this purse at my side.  Perfect spring afternoon!

Anything you are craving for April???



  1. What a great collection! I love that little citrus tree! You can never have too many plants in my book! :) Happy Spring!

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeeees. To all of it! Gah, I wish we were neighbors. We'd rock the hell outta some porches/booze/fashion... :)

  3. I love the purse! Just the perfect shade for spring ♥

  4. ALL of this! So cute. Right now...the only thing on my wishlist is "Temperature over 45 degrees." ;)

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