Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eat the Rainbow {Spring 2013}

Oh hi there blogging friends!  I'm starting a new series today called Eat the Rainbow.  Here, I will feature in season recipes featuring produce in {almost} every color of the rainbow.  Not much blue going on if ya know what I mean.

This time- SPRING!  Such a delight for seasonal recipes.


Balsamic Strawberry pops. Um......... if you guys know me at at ALL you know how much I want to make these.


Roasted sweet peppers and carrots with orange and hazelnuts.  Has a plate ever looked as beautiful as this?


Creamy avocado linguine with meyer lemon and arugula.   OK, so this may be a tad on the green side, but the shining star here is definitely the meyer lemon.  I just adore when these little gems come around.  Sadly, they are already past their April prime around these parts, but meyer lemons are a treat I look forward to every year.


Sun dried tomato and fet stuffed artichokes.   What?  Are you kidding me?  Oh hell yes.


Crispy polenta with morels and broccoli.   Morels are SUCH a treat.  We actually very rarely eat them.  Expensive little buggers!  But man are they delicious.  This recipe just looks like a dream come true.

Have a super duper Sunday my friends!  and let me know if you find any cool colorful recipes I can use in upcoming Eat the Rainbow posts!



  1. I love it! Those strawberry balsamic pops look sooooo good!

  2. Mmm, rainbows.... <3

    (PS that artichoke...holy crap that looks so good!)

  3. Ohh, these all look so marvelous! Check out the cherry muffins I made. They taste super duper, and they turned pink when I made them. Big surprise that cherry juice would make something pink huh? Hope you have a great day.

  4. First, I love this 'eat the rainbow' idea! Everything looks so good and now all I can think is "why have I never stuffed an artichoke before?!" I need to get on that pronto.

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