Friday, May 3, 2013

I love you {Arrested Development records}

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

You guys........ Arrested Development hits Netflix on May 26th.  YESSSSSSS!!!!!! (imagine me on my knees with my arms raised to the sky, screaming YESSSSSS).

I'm so freakin pumped.

Also, I have fallen in love with Colossus of Clout Design Company's Bluth family records.

bluthrecords1 photo bluthrecords1_zpsfbc6cfaa.jpg
bluthrecords2 photo bluthrecords2_zps654b9da4.jpg
bluthrecords3 photo bluthrecords3_zps786dcd15.jpg
bluthrecords4 photo bluthrecords4_zpsae3d1df6.jpg
bluthrecords5 photo bluthrecords5_zps123b0f3f.jpg
bluthrecords6 photo bluthrecords6_zps3f79e323.jpg
bluthrecords7 photo bluthrecords7_zps332a9cc6.jpg
bluthrecords8 photo bluthrecords8_zpse9f26024.jpg
All photos borrowed directly from the Colossus of Clout website.

I love you Arrested Development records!!!



  1. Ohh I'm so excited for new episodes released all at once! And those mock records are friggin' awesome!

  2. I wish we had Netflix in South Africa.

  3. Ummm, this is AMAZING! I am so stoked for May 26. Marathon much?

  4. i LOVE THESE!!!!! so good.

  5. These are too awesome! And I can't wait for Arrested Development to arrive.

  6. Scott and i are also super excited, it is such a brilliant and hilarious program,woohooo. xxx

  7. These are amazing, I couldn't be more excited for it to come back!! I bet it's going to crash Netflix.


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